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The Proper Kratom Dosage
A plant named Kratom or mitragynaspeciosa has been used as an herbal medicine for several years. It is a native coffee plant in some countries in South East Asia namely Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Traditionally, it was used by the natives of the countries mentioned for treating diarrhea. As time passed by, people already started using the plant for treating pain, as well as improving a person's productivity and energy. Such is due to the fact that it contains painkilling and immunostimulating alkaloids.
Since the plant has opioid contents and psychoactive effects, many countries have not legalized the use of such. Prior to the legality issues, the controversial pain killer and immune-stimulant have sent many individuals to the emergency room. Similarly, in Thailand, where it is grown and is currently illegal, about 13,000 individuals have committed crimes while under the influence of high doses of kratom. With such in regard, regulations in its use have been developed in countries where its use is legal. Likewise, proper dosage is also very important.
People who will be taking kratom should be mindful because overdosing may cause some side bad effects like nervousness, lethargy, delusion, and paranoia. At proper high doses, it acts as a stimulant. Meaning, the person will be more sociable and productive. At low doses, it acts as a sedative. Meaning, the person will be calmer. Therefore; knowing the proper dosage is very important. It should, however, be remembered that since there is a variety of Kratom products for sale, the dosage levels are not actually standardized. Such is due to the fact that different strains have different potencies. Nevertheless, in order to serve as a guide, the acceptable dosages mentioned in this article are formulated based on some experimental and historical data.
Since most kratom for sale in the market are sold in powder form, the first measurement will be based on weight. People who want to take it in mild doses are recommended to take one to two grams. For moderate effect, two to 4.5 grams is acceptable. The right amount to achieve stimulating effects without any bad effects is 4.5 to 8 grams. Additionally, in case people choose to add water to the powder form and create a paste, dosages are measured by the number of teaspoons. People who will take 0.5 to 0.9 teaspoonfuls will experience a mild effect. For acceptable moderate and high dosages, people should take one to two teaspoons and two to 3.5 teaspoons, respectively.
In addition, since people have different body mechanisms, the effect for each dosage level may also vary from person to person. In order to determine the right dosage, the user is advised to start by taking in the lowest dosage suggested. After which, he or she should observe the effects. If the desired effect is not achieved, they should slowly increase the dosage until the desired effect is achieved. Through such, those who want to be stimulated will not be overdosed and their bodies will not be immune with the high dosage immediately. Similarly, many previous users and experts suggest that people should use alternating doses. Such is due to the fact that continuous use of the same dose will make the body immune to it, thus, the effect will be gone.